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Thank You!

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016, Oak Ridge voters chose to re-elect me to the Oak Ridge Board of Education. Thank you for granting me another four years of the work that I love!

Additionally, we have elected two new members to City Council who understand the importance of education and strong public schools to a community's well-being. I look forward to working together for the good of our children and community as a whole.

Thank you for the trust you have placed in me. Now, let's get to work!

Your vote for Board of Education matters.

The Board of Education has two primary roles: to establish a budget for the school system, and to set policy that governs the school system. The Board does not set the tax rate, but determines how best to allocate resources from the State, Federal, and local governments.

Through budget and policy, the Board strives to hire and retain the very best educators, to provide safe a safe environment conducive to learning, nutrition, transportation, and extracuirricular activities, and to provide the very best educational opportunities for all students.

Angi Agle has contributed to the Board's success in several key areas:

  • support and advocacy for Access Oak Ridge, putting tools in the hands of all students to broaden the educational resources available and better prepare them for college and the workforce;
  • serving as the Board's TLN (Tennessee Legislative Network) Representative;
  • actively promoting positive relationships with other city officials and departments;
  • working to achieve a fairer allocation of State funding through changes to the fiscal capacity formula (BEP 2.0);
  • putting School Board agendas, meeting packets, and full budgets online to facilitate greater public understanding of our work; and,
  • working closely with the campaign to enable the construction of a new Oak Ridge High School, and the ongoing plans for a new preschool.

Angi is recognized as a Level IV board member by the Tennessee School Boards Assocation, where she is a firm believer in continuing education to keep abreast of new ideas and better ways to serve the children of our community. Additionally, she remains involved as a volunteer at the elementary, middle, and high school levels to better understand the needs and successes in our schools.