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About Angi Agle

Angi is a lifelong resident of Oak Ridge, where she lives with her husband, Chuck. She has been a parent of students in Oak Ridge Schools since 1993, with the youngest now a senior at the University of Tennessee.

As her children came through the schools, she has been involved in the Technology Students Association, Band parents, Orchestra parents, swim team, tennis team, and the PTOs at Linden, Robertsville, and ORHS. She remains an active volunteer with the Robertsville TSA, and as a tutor in the volunteer "Readers and Leaders" program at Willowbrook.

First elected to the Board of Education in 2003, she has taken an active interest in expanding the use of technology in our schools, working closely with State officials to ensure that our voice is heard when considering changes to the funding formula and policies, and being an advocate for our students and parents. She also serves on the Chamber of Commerce Advocacy Committee, helping communicate school needs to the business community and vice versa.

If elected for another four-year term, she would like to ensure the timely completion of a new preschool for our youngest and most vulnerable students, continue advances in technology, which carry tremendous potential for learning improvements with cost savings, such as the use of electronic textbooks. The next four years will bring opportunities to partner with the City on energy efficiency and other projects which may bring cost savings as well as improvement in service, as well as exploring new ways to improve educational opportunities for our children.

As the mother of three college graduates (MS in Mathematics, BS in Physics/MS Education, BS Materials Science Engineering) and a senior at UT (Electrical Engineering), Angi remains a passionate advocate for Oak Ridge Schools and the tremendous opportunities we provide for our children -- all children.